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Washing Tips


For all K collection products, they are recommended to dry clean the first 1-3 times in order to maintain the long use and condition of the fabric. For cotton or denim, we recommend washing in cold water to prevent shrinkage of the fabric.

When washing denim and coloured fabric products, there is the risk of colour change, so be sure to wash them individually.

Shorten the dehydration time avoid wrinkles and lay in the shade to dry after dehydration. If the product is damaged due to negligence during laundry washing, it cannot be a reason for an exchange or refund and K collection is not responsible for this complication.




How to wash: Hand Wash in cold water using a mild detergent

Hand washing is recommended as much as possible. In any circumstance need to wash it in the washing machine, we recommend putting the product in a washing net. However, it can still change the colour or shape, so please take that as a consideration. We recommend hand washing as much as possible. If there are any zippers or buttons, it is recommended to close them all before washing.

If the clothing is in the water for a long time, there may be a possibility of discoloration.

When drying, avoid direct sunlight and dry in a cool place.


How to wash: Dry cleaning is recommended for the first wash.

Linen is durable, so it can be hand washed with a mild soap or mild detergent. In case of decorative items such as embroidery or lace, soak them in lukewarm water and then rub them lightly with a mild detergent. After washing, dry in the shade.


How to wash: Dry cleaning is recommended as it is a material with severe fibre shrinkage.

When washing at home inevitably, stains and moisture must be removed before washing, rinse with a fabric softener and dry in a cool, well- ventilated place. It is good to use a soft brush around the shoulder area where dust tends to accumulate during normal cleaning.


How to wash: Dry cleaning is recommended for long wear without deformation.

Dissolve wool shampoo in lukewarm water, soak it for 20-30 minutes, then press gently to wash. When rubbing or twisting by hand the clothes are easily deformed. To maintain the shape of the clothes, lay them on the floor and dry them. Since it is a rather weak material, dry cleaning is recommended as much as possible.


How to wash: To prevent colour and water shrinkage, hand washing after dry cleaning is recommended.

Close all zippers and buttons and turn over to prevent colour or shape from being deformed.

When using a neutral detergent, it should be meticulously dissolved in water and washed with cold water to reduce drainage.

Washing the clothing by soaking in lukewarm salt water for a day is also a good idea to wash denim clothing, however, it is recommended to not wash frequently.


How to wash: After dry cleaning for the first time, hand wash with lukewarm water using a neutral detergent.

Clothing made out of rayon, it is advised to hand wash carefully or leave it in the laundry as the fabric will weaken when wet with water and may tear, stretch or shrink during washing. If there are zippers or buttons, do not immerse them in water for a long time after closing them, and wash them with wool detergent for a short time.


How to wash: Hand wash in lukewarm water using neutral detergent.

It is recommended to wash separately from other laundry items due to its relatively easy contamination. It is a material that generates static electricity and is often mixed with natural fibres, so check the material carefully before washing. If there are any zippers or buttons, it is recommended to close them all before washing. Wash immediately as there is a possibility of discoloration if left in the water for a long time. When drying, avoid direct sunlight and hang in a cool place to dry.


How to wash: We recommend dry cleaning by leaving it to a professional laundry.

Most of the products made from leather, suede, cashmere and silk are normally an expensive product so is recommended to leave it to a professional laundry. In case of leather, if there are any stains or contamination be sure to apply leather exclusive cream to gently wipe it off. When it gets wet, hang it on the hanger and dry in a shaded place with good ventilation.

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